Plasma Organism Ardoravis (プラズマ生物アルドラウィス)[1][2] is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2, one of three creatures created by Grandmaster Meio during his boss battle.


Hit Points: 5 HP
Score: 10.000 PTS

Appears in Stage 5 (The Third Moon), Scene 5.

Ardoravis is one of Meio's three lifeforms created during his battle with Hiryu. This flying lifeform consists of a red core constantly on fire with three long extensions or spikes protruding backwards from it. This creature generates white-hot plasma fire from its core and uses it to attack.[2]

When summoned, Ardoravis stands at either of the ends of the room for a while, and then dashes across to the opposite end, trying to hit Hiryu on its path. If Hiryu stands in the lower platforms, then Ardoravis flies down and rushes across the lower area instead. Ardoravis is fast-moving but easy to dodge.

When Caduceus is summmoned, two Ardoravis stand as the tips of the creature's "arms" and let it shoot large plasma fireballs at Hiryu.

Design NotesEdit

In the first design concept for Caduceus, all three lifeforms had simpler orb designs. Ardoravis' original form attacked by releasing a large stream of fire from within it.[1][2]

Its name appears to be formed by two Latin words: "ardor" and "avis", meaning "Fire/Heat Bird".



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