The Army Jeep (official name unknown) is a minor enemy from the exclusive extra stage added to the PC-Engine port of Strider, Oil Fields.


Pce army jeep
Hit Points: 4 HP
Score: 600 PTS

The Army Jeep is a military vehicle used by the Kazakh Federation's army. The jeep is equipped with a mounted gun, and is driven by two Desert Soldiers, the second of which handles the weapon. It only appears in the camp section of the oil fields right before the boss, Sovkhoz Я.

When approached, the jeep will drive towards Hiryu while shooting a barrage of bullets straight at him. Direct contact with the jeep will not harm Hiryu, and if he walks past it, the jeep will steer around to continue the assault. As it can only damage Hiryu through its bullet spray, it can be easily destroyed.


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