The Boots (ブーツ) are a piece of equipment from the NES Strider video game and the 2014 Strider.


Strider (NES)Edit

Boots art

Official art

The Boots are a set of three equipments found during Hiryu's quest to stop the ZAIN Project. Each provides him with different benefits once obtained.
  • The Aqua Booots are found in a small room inside the Pyramid Base, and gives Hiryu the ability to walk on water and swamps. They are blue in color.
  • The Attack Boots are found in a dungeon within the western tower in China, having been left behind by Strider Ryuzaki at some point. Once obtained, Hiryu's Slide In becomes capable of destroying enemies. They are orange in color.
  • The Magnetic Boots are found in a room at the top floor of the eastern tower in China. When obtained, Hiryu is capable of walking up specific glowing walls effortlessly. They are red in color.

Strider (2014)Edit

StrHD boots art

The capacitor installed on each boot

The Metal Boots (金属ブーツ)[1] are a part of the Striders' basic equipment. This metallic footwear has a small Plasma Capacitor installed in their heels[1], which accumulates and releases small bursts of plasma energy when activated.

By concentrating plasma energy in his feet[2] the capacitors can release a burst of plasma whenever Hiryu slides[1], which enhance the strength of the kick and allows him to slash through Light Troopers and metal grates[2]. They can also be used to perform a Double Jump by releasing the accumulated plasma at once during a jump, the plasma force allowing a second jump while in mid-air.[2]


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