Capcom Music Colection Vol.0
Capcom music collection
Artist(s): Various
Released: 22px-Flag of Japan.svg October 01, 2009
Length: 33:09
Label: Suleputer
Producer: Capcom
Catalog Number: TGCS-5848

Capcom Music Colection Vol.0 (カプコン ミュージック コレクション Vol.0) is a soundtrack compilation with music from several Capcom games. The soundtrack was initially distributed as a pre-release during the September 2009 Tokyo Game Show under the name "Capcom Music Collection Vol. 0 - prologue", and was made available as a limited-time purchase shortly afterwards in October through Capcom's "e-Capcom" online shop.[1]

The soundtrack includes 17 themes from games going through all of Capcom's history, and includes three themes which are heard in a CD compilation for the first time. Strider is covered in track #4, which reproduces its trademark intro theme "Raid!" from the first stage, St. Petersburg.


Track N° Game Theme Length
01 Makaimura (Ghosts 'n Goblins) 1ST&2ND BGM 1:18
02 Higemaru Makaijima Mermaid Island BGM (first CD inclusion) 1:12
03 Rockman (Mega Man) Cutman Stage 1:26
04 Strider Hiryu (Strider) Stage 1 BGM 1:51
05 Final Fight Stage 1 BGM1 1:26
06 2010 Street Fighter Stage 1 BGM (first CD inclusion) 1:20
07 Street Fighter II Ryu Stage 2:09
08 Captain Commando Stage 1 (CITY) BGM 1:55
09 Rockman X (Mega Man X) Opening Stage 1:42
10 Vampire (Darkstalkers) Demitri Stage (Romania) 1:43
11 Rockman Mega World (Mega Man: The Wily Wars) Buster Rod G. Stage (first CD inclusion) 2:08
12 Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2) Raccoon City 1:51
13 Breath of Fire IV Endings and Begginings 2:22
14 Devil May Cry PUB(L)IC ENEMY (Regular Battle 1) 2:51
15 Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) Pursuit ~Cornered! 1:59
16 Monster Hunter Proof of a Hero 4:18

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