StrHD cartwheel

Hiryu's cartwheel jump in the 2014 Strider

The Cartwheel Jump (斜めジャンプ, lit. Diagonal Jump), originally known as the Rotating Jump Kick (回転JUMPキック)[1], is one of Hiryu's abilities from the original Strider.

By holding a direction before jumping, Hiryu instead performs a long jump while rotating in mid-air with all his limbs fully outstretched like spokes in a wheel. Besides the extended reach, this can also damage enemies by hitting them with the feet as Hiryu falls down. Considered one of Hiryu's most memorable and quirky animations, it has become his standard jump animation in all his appearances following Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.

Although the move has not been used offensively since its debut, Hiryu's move "Jinrai" from the cancelled fighting game Capcom Fighting All-Stars included a cartwheel motion as a part of the attack.


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