Str2 tianhou art

The Mafia's Tianhou Troops

The Chinese Mafia (中華マフィア) is an antagonistic group introduced in Strider 2. They are a prominent enemy force present during the game's first stage.


An underground society existing since ancient times, the Chinese Mafia is a large-scale criminal syndicate based in Hainan Island, in the southern China Sea. The group is one of several criminal organizations with ties to Light Sword Cypher and the corrupt world governments that forms it[1]. With a renowned armed force and state-of-the-art technology at their disposal, they are a powerful terrorist organization.

The group staged a violent terrorist strike of Neo Hong Kong City, probably spearheaded by Light Sword Cypher itself. Hiryu makes his move in order to put an end to their wanton destruction of the city, while wondering if Grandmaster Meio is the one pulling the strings from the shadows.[2]


Members of the Chinese Mafia are completely loyal to the organization, and have undergone physical modifications and mechanical augmentation in order to boost their effectiveness even further[3]. They are known to combine this enhancements with the practice of more spiritual ancient techniques such as Qigong[3] and Onmyōdō, as well as the use of classic weapons such as the Chinese Dao or curved blade.

A hierarchy is known to exist, but the only known detail is that higher-ranking members carry the title of "Aniki" (アニキ) or "Big Brother".[3]

  • Honghuo - A higher ranking member and a cyborg with powerful built-in weaponry. He's appointed to lead the terrorist strike.
  • Tianhou Troops - A vicious assassin unit known for their brutality, and the Mafia's main armed force during the assault on Neo Hong Kong City.
  • Bianfu Bo - One of the subjets from the "Superhuman Army Project", a bizarre warrior who has replaced his whole body with a bat-like mechanical form.
  • Tiger Forms - Two Onmyōji-like individuals who attack using powerful charms as weapons.
  • Kuniang M.A. Team - Their actual connection with the Mafia is unknown. Worked together in order to bring Hiryu down.


Str2 dragon emperor art

The Emperor Dragon, the Mafia's "trump card"

The Chinese Mafia possess state-of-the-art technology in the form of powerful and autonomous fighting machines with Chinese-inspired appearances and designs. It's possibly implied these machines are connected to (perhaps even provided by) Herzog Schlange and his "twisted technology".[4]
  • Shishi and Piao Dan Ju - Flying gun batteries.
  • Gui Jia Chuan (Transport) - A flying robot colony used to transport the smaller Goblins.
  • Shi Jia Ji (Spider Form) - A mysterious robot used to guard urban areas. It has the ability to rearrange itself into three different forms.
  • Xun Lei Long (Emperor Dragon) - The Mafia's trump card, a powerful mechanical dragon with inmense electric and plasma-based powers.


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