The Floating Mine (浮遊機雷)[1] is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2.


Floating mine blue Floating mine brown
Hit Points: 1 HP
Score: 100 PTS

Appears in Stage 2 (Fortress Wahnen), Scenes 4 (higher difficulties only) and 5.

These floating mines are a set of small explosives found in Herzog Schlange's Fortress Wahnen. There are two different types, colored blue and brown respectively.

The blue mines appear in the Prison Tower's ascent area. These mines either stand in rows of three blocking narrow parts of the tower, or float freely, homing in on Hiryu to explode on contact. They can be easily destroyed, either by a single attack or by letting them hit either wall. They are more a nuisance rather than a real threat.

The brown mines appear in the first wall area of the fortress' Inner Quarters. There are eight of these mines split in two groups of four, standing in a circular pattern. As such, they don't actively seek Hiryu, but difficult jumping freely around the area. While easily ignored, actually destroying these two groups of enemies reveal a secret Score Item each.


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