Electromagnetic Organism Fulmenorca (電磁生物フルメノルカ)[1][2] is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2, one of three creatures created by Grandmaster Meio during his boss battle.


Hit Points: 16 HP
Score: 8000 PTS

Appears in Stage 5 (The Third Moon), Scene 5.

Fulmenorca is one of Meio's three lifeforms created during his battle with Hiryu. This flying lifeform is a transparent being in the shape of a sea-based animal with three glowing rings inside its "body" and a red core within its "head". This creature has the power to generate lightning bolts from its core.[2]

When summoned, Fulmenorca appears at one extreme of the area and flies or "swims" back and forth constantly. When close to Hiryu, it then stops and charges up a lightning strike aimed at him, then resumes its movement. Fulmenorca only moves across the platform tiers where he's summoned until disappearing or defeated, and so can be easily avoided.

When Caduceus is summmoned, two Fulmenorca stand in the middle section of its "arms", connecting Graveleo and Ardoravis together. They also grant Caduceus the ability to shoot stronger and far-reaching lightning from them, aimed directly at Hiryu.

Design NotesEdit

In the first design concept for Caduceus, all three lifeforms had simpler orb designs. Fulmenorca's original form attacked in a similar way, shooting lightning bolts from below it.[1][2]

Its name appears to be formed by two Latin words: "fulmen" and "orca", meaning "Lightning Orca/Whale". The name references its whale-based form and control over electricity.



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