The Goblin (小鬼)[1][2] is a minor enemy from Strider 2, a small machine which appears in the game's first stage.


Hit Points: 1 HP
Score: 100 PTS

Appears in Stage 1 (Neo Hong Kong City), Scenes 1, 3 and 5.

The Goblins are small bipedal robots resembling little demons, with a large, one-horned head, red glowing eyes and both arms shaped like short blades. These enemies move and strike fast, approaching Hiryu to either do a dashing stab at him or jump while spinning its arms helicopter-like. They are also capable of walking up walls and ceilings, allowing them to reach Hiryu anywhere.

Very easy to destroy, the Goblins are more a nuinance than a real threat, as they always attack in large groups that respawn constantly, and approach Hiryu from several angles.

Fei Bao PingEdit

Goblin carrier
Hit Points: 1 HP
Score: 100 PTS

Appears in Stage 1 (Neo Hong Kong City), Scene 1.

The Fei Bao Ping (飛宝瓶 fēi bǎo píng, lit. Flying Vase)[2] is a small container-like machine which flies with a small rotor blade on its top. This machine hovers down from above, opens up and releases two Goblins into the field, after which it flies away. They have no attacks of any kind, and are easily destroyed with a single hit. They tend to fly high above Hiryu before releasing the Goblins, making stopping them slightly more difficult.

The amount of carriers in the stage depends on the Dynamic Difficulty setting, and range from a single one to more than four at a time.


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