Gravity Organism Graveleo (重力生物グラウエレオ)[1][2] is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2, one of three creatures created by Grandmaster Meio during his boss battle.


Hit Points: 12 HP
Score: 5000 PTS

Appears in Stage 5 (The Third Moon), Scene 5.

Graveleo is one of Meio's three lifeforms created during his battle with Hiryu. This lifeform is a brown square-ish creature with a lion's head supported on a single "leg" or limb, and a purple core near its jaws. It can only move by performing long leaps between platforms. Graveleo can control gravity around it in the form of powerful energy rings.[2]

When summoned, Graveleo performs long hops across the platforms in the room. When he comes near Hiryu or Hiryu stands below it, Graveleo releases three yellow gravity rings downwards, which damage Hiryu. Among the three forms, Graveleo is the most difficult to defeat due to its resistance and speed when moving.

When Caduceus is summmoned, two Graveleo take the form of its "shoulders" and allow it to perform a stronger version of its gravity rings attack.

Design NotesEdit

In the first design concept for Caduceus, all three lifeforms had simpler orb designs. Graveleo's original form would have attacked by generating a repelling aura around him which would have pushed Hiryu back.[1][2]

Its name appears to be formed by two Latin words: "grave" and "leo", meaning "Heavy Lion". The name is a reference to its gravity attack and its lion-shaped form.



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