NewStrider heavytrooper intro

Bulava K7's intro card

The Heavy Trooper (ヘビートルーパー) is an enemy character from the 2014 Strider, serving as an early mid-boss and, later, a recurring stage enemy.

Heavy Troopers are large mechanical guards used to protect key points in Kazakh City. These bulky enemies are actually powered suits designed for crushing targets, and are piloted by a Light Trooper from the inside[1]. What they lose in mobility they compensate with the suit's hardened armor and destructive power. These units, like the Light Troopers themselves, are seen mass-produced in the Research Facility's assembly lines.

Boosting greater endurance than the common city guards, these heavy units are tough enemies during early areas, when Hiryu has yet to unlock most of his plasma upgrades.[2]


Bulava KZ-7Edit

NewStrider bulavakz7 model
Enemy Type: Heavy Trooper

Bulava KZ-7 (from Russian булава, meaning "Mace"), is the basic model of Heavy Trooper. Hiryu confronts one inside Kazakh City's Palace and successfully destroys it. Afterwards, they become recurring enemies in most areas Hiryu visits, usually coming in pairs of two.

Bulava KZ-7's main weapon are the two chained spiked maces replacing its hands, which it can shoot at high-speed through air pressure at its targets[1]. The attack has a slight delay as the Bulava aims its arm at Hiryu which allows one to move out of its sight and avoid damage, thought the mace can still hit Hiryu on its way back too. If Hiryu approaches the Bulava, it will start using melee against him, throwing an uppercuts that sends Hiryu flying back if coming from the front, or doing a downward crushing blow that floors him if attacked from behind.

While they are often seen in yellow color, there is a red-colored military model found exclusively in the Military Ring.


NewStrider ognemet model
Enemy Type: Napalm Trooper

Ognemet (from Russian огнемет, meaning "Flamethrower"), also called the Napalm Trooper (ナパームランチゃー装備型, lit Napalm Launcher Equipment Type), is a variation with an equipped napalm launcher. Hiryu faces the first one in the Construction Zone, in a room following the Kazakh Grand Dam, and they later become recurring enemies in most following areas, often coming in groups of two.

This model sacrifices the mid-range mace attack for a long-range napalm launcher installed on its back[3]. The Ognemet attacks the same as the Bulava when approached, trying to punch Hiryu away. When away, he instead throws napalm grenades with flammable liquids which leave a lasting flames in the point of impact and can stun Hiryu if touched[3]. The Ognemet can also use the grenades as anti-air attacks, as the arc in which they are thrown can easily hit Hiryu while in the middle of a jump.

The Ognemet is more difficult to battle than the Bulava due to its long-range attacks and tendency to strike Hiryu out of the air. A good way to deal with them is to move back and forth while attacking, forcing Ognemet to constantly turn right and left to face Hiryu.



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