Machine Cannon (name given in Tiger Electronics' Strider manual[1]) is a minor stage enemy exclusive of the NES version Strider. The enemy was also called the Pop-up Cannon by Nintendo Power.[2]


Machine cannon
Hit Points: 2 HP (Egypt)
1 HP (China, Los Angeles)
3 HP (Red Dragon)

Appears in Egypt, China, Los Angeles and the Red Dragon.

The Machine Cannon is, as its name implies, a stationary artillery cannon installed in several areas. It remains hidden, buried beneath the ground, and only springs into action after Hiryu approaches it. The Machine Cannon shoots 3 bullets in succession between short pauses, and can only aim at the direction it was facing when activated, being unable to move or attack any other way.

Barring any possible surprise factor, it's a simple and easy enemy to deal with, as one can duck under its bullets and slash at it unopposed.


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