Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
MvCI cover
Game cover
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release Dates: 22px-Flag of the United States.svg September 19, 2017
22px-Flag of Japan.svg September 21, 2017

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is the sixth installment in the Marvel vs. Capcom crossover fighting game series, to be released in September 2017. Strider Hiryu returns as one of the characters in the game's base roster, retaining his classic appearance and movelist.

Adopting a very different direction from previous entries, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite features a number of notable gameplay changes: it reduces its team system to 2-on-2 tag teams (similar to entries previous to Marvel vs. Capcom 2), brings back a 4-button attack scheme closer to the punch/kick variation used in 2 and removes assists entirely. In its place there's a tag system which allows the player to switch in the 2nd character at any point during battle, including during special or hyper combos as well as when under attack (a tactic called "Counter Switch"). The other notable gameplay addition is that of the Infinity Stones: the player chooses one from the six stones after picking a team and they provide two unique special abilities, a special skill known as a "Infinity Surge" and a super mode called "Infinity Storm".

The Infinity Surge is an unique ability which provides specific advantages, for example the Power Stone provides a combo-extender knockback strike and the Time Stone grants an instant teleport dash when used. The Infinity Storm is a super mode in which the user is given an increased number of abilities for a limited time, such as increased damage and wallbounces for the Power Stone and a big speed increase for the Time Stone. The Storm requires filling up the "Infinity meter" by either using the Infinity Surge or receiving damage.[1]

Story & CharactersEdit

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will feature a 2-hour Cinematic Story Mode, a first for the series, detailing the events that lead to the fusion of both universes. The plot centers on an alliance between Sigma, primary antagonist of the Mega Man X series, and the Marvel villain Ultron, under their shared belief that all biological life must be purged. Using the Infinity Stones (specifically Space and Reality) they merge together into a new being called "Ultron-Sigma" and proceed to merge both universes and unleash a cybernetic virus in order to seize control of the newly-created dimension.[2]

Facing a critical situation, the Marvel and Capcom characters are forced to seek the help of Thanos in order to find the remaining four Infinity Stones, which are spread across the newly merged worlds.

Characters currently confirmed include:

Strider HiryuEdit

MvCI hiryu mug

Hiryu's HUD portrait

Strider Hiryu was one of the seven confirmed character featured in the 2nd story and gameplay trailers, released in April 2017.

Hiryu is part of the main group in the story, and can be seen assisting in the battle on Xgard's Bifrost Bridge during the beginning and in the infiltration of Knowmoon.

Hiryu's MovelistEdit

Main article: Marvel vs. Capcom/Movelist

Hiryu retains his classic look from previous entries, and his movelist receives a number of tweaks and changes, as well as a few new techniques, chief among them a new aerial Hyper Combo called "Brionac", based on his Savage Slash move from Strider 2.

Grandmaster MeioEdit

MvCI Grandmaster

Grandmaster Meio in the Story Trailer

Grandmaster Meio was first shown in a brief scene during the 3rd story trailer, seen during the 2017 E3 convention. Unlike Hiryu, Meio's design is from his appearance in the 2014 Strider.

He appears in the story as one of the villains seemingly allied with Ultron-Sigma, and the one in possession of the Power Stone deep within his lair, the Knowmoon. He's also rewritten the core routines of Zero, turning him into his subordinate. In the trailer, he's seen being confronted by Hiryu and Gamora.

Whether he's a playable character or a story-exclusive enemy fight is currently unknown.


MvCI Knomoon


Knowmoon (ノームーン) is one of the stages in the game which combines a Marvel setting with a Capcom one, in this case the Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy with The Third Moon. The stage features elements from the 2014 incarnation of the station, including details such as the banners with Meio's logo seen outside the entrance of his tower.

The currently shown stage is fully titled Knowmoon - Gravitron Core, and features a large Gravitron unit in the background, marked with the purple cracks from Ultron-Sigma's cybernetic virus.


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