Minelayer (マインレイヤー) is a boss character from Strider 2, appearing as the mid-boss of Scene 2 in the fourth stage.


Score: 20.000 PTS

The Minelayer is a humanoid robot found stationed outside the tail of the Flying Battleship Balrog. This enemy has a bulky appearance, with two big arm-like appendages ended in claws, a large triangular plate over its "shoulders" and three huge red mine pods installed atop it. The Minelayer defends the whole section by releasing groups of floating mines which fly in circular patterns, exploding when in contact with any intruder. The machine has also control over the floating mines, and is capable of making them explode remotely.

Hiryu faces the Minelayer as he makes his way across the tail's exterior. The Minelayer's only mean of attack is to release a group of mines from its pods. The mines spread out across the air, making jumping difficult. After a while, the Minelayer makes a motion with its arm and all mines explode, damaging Hiryu if he's too close to any of them. As the Minelayer is in a raised platform, it is somewhat difficult to reach while dealing with the mines and the strong winds pushing back, but the boss is otherwise easy to eliminate.