Monthly Comic Comp
Cover comp september
Publication date May 1988 - October 1994
Published by Kadokawa Shôten

Monthly Comic Comp (月刊コミックコンプ) was a monthly anthology manga magazine published by Kadokawa Shôten from 1988 to 1994. Initially titled Comic Comptiq (コミックコンプティーク), it was launched as a separate spin-off of the "Comptiq" magazine, a PC video game-centric magazine first released in 1983. This only lasted 4 issues, however, after which the name was changed to Comic Comp for the rest of its run.

Comic Comp suffered after the departure of a number of artists from the company in late 1992, leading to a chaotic 1993 schedule where rookie artists were hurriedly assigned to continue some of the cancelled works. While it appeared to have settled down by 1994, the arrest of Kadokawa Shôten's then president Haruki Kadokawa led to an internal reestructuring at the company and the final discontinuation of the publication.

Monthly Comic Comp was succeeded by Monthly Shonen Ace.

Strider publicationEdit

Strider Hiryu began publication in Comic Comptiq's very first issue in May 1988, with its final chapter being published in the October 1988 issue of Monthly Comic Comp[1]. The extra chapter Strider Hiryu Gaiden was later published in its December issue.

The original publication for all but the first issue included one page that was removed from the tankôbon release: All issues included a frontispiece with a short sentence serving as a title for the chapter, while the final page of the 2nd chapter was redrawn entirely[2]. This change was possibly done because the original version included a message about the following chapter over the art.



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