Debut: Game: Strider (PC-Engine)
Voice Actors: Mami Matsui
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Affiliation: Striders

The Navigator (official name unknown) is a minor character introduced in the PC-Engine port of Strider. She's an unseen character featured in the game's cutscenes.

A female agent that works as mission control from within the Strider Base[1], providing assistance to active agents during missions via a satellite link. During Hiryu's mission to stop Grandmaster Meio, she assists him by providing intel on locations and updating him on mission objectives.



At the beginning of the mission, the Navigator contacts Hiryu to inform him the Striders military spy satellite has discovered a base under construction in the area of the Kazakh Federation suspected to be one of Meio's facilities, and orders him to infiltrate and search its interior. She then explains that, should a Strider's life signal becomes critical, a bomb installed in their bodies will explode as a way to maintain confidentiality. She ends communication by wishing for the mission's success.[1]

After Hiryu's victory over General Mikiel, the Navigator contacts him about a vehicle that has escaped the base, and instructs him to pursue it into a nearby desert.[2]

Following the destruction of the Flying Battleship Balrog, Grandmaster Meio sends a video message to the Striders, seeing their intent on opposing him and warning them of his power. The Navigator tracks down the source of the video to a secluded area in the Amazon and instructs Hiryu to investigate at once.[3]

Once Hiryu learns of the Third Moon from an Amazoness, the Navigator informs him of a shuttle about to take off to the station from a South American base, and prompts Hiryu to hurry up as there's little time left.[4]

Other NavigatorsEdit

  • There appears to be a similar unseen navigator in Strider 2, a male (voiced by Hozumi Gouda) who provides a rough outline of the stage's progression and objective during the stage's wireframe map animation. As he also voices the "Game Over", "Hurry!" and "Time Over" lines, it's unknown whether this is an actual character in the story or just a narrator for the player's sake.
  • The functions of the Navigator are taken up by the Option-D or "Pilot Option" in the 2014 Strider, a small machine which provides Hiryu with (among other things) information on his surroundings and updates on his current objective.


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