Str optionB roughsketch

Original Arcade art

Option B (オプションB) is one of Hiryu's three offensive Options, debuting in the first Strider and returning in Strider (2014). It's also a primary part of Hiryu's movelist in the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

In English, this Option is also known as the Tetrapodal Robo-Panther (originally misspelled "Terapodal"[1]), translated from the original Leopard-Type Bipedal Robot (ヒョウ型四足歩行ロボット)[2]. In Japanese its also known as the Saber Tiger-Type Robot (サーベルタイガー型のロボット).[3][4]


Strider (CPS-1)Edit

Option B is a robot in the shape of a large saber-toothed tiger or Smilodon. The Robo-panther can only be summoned if Hiryu has two Option A already active and finds a third one. Option B first appears in a spherical contracted form known as "Marumushi Mode" (Japanese for the woodlouse), and becomes active once Hiryu picks it up. Once active, it stands at Hiryu's side and follows him around, lunging at any approaching enemy and destroying it with its claws. This Option only last for a limited time, after which it reverts back to the two Saucers. It takes the two red units used by the Saucers during its active time, turning them from red to yellow.

As it moves entirely on land, it has a tendency to separate from Hiryu and wander around, often jumping all over the place trying to reach Hiryu's location. Due to this, it's often seen as a much less useful skill compared to having two Option A.

Strider (2014)Edit

StrHD optionB art
Option-B appears as a plasma construct in the form of a blue panther. Once active, the Panther will rush ahead and strike at any foe that cross its path, becoming stronger with each enemy it destroys. The Panther will run from one end of the screen to another for a short time before dissapearing. When close to special statues with its visage, Hiryu can perform a Panther Run (パンサーラン) to quickly travel across Kazakh City, from one statue to another in a different section of the complex. This ability is used to quickly backtrack to previous areas.

The Option is the third and last Option to be found, located in an Pickup Cradle in the Research Facility's Test Lab, under protection of Xi Wang Mu. The Queen Mother herself has a technique in which she morphs into a violet energy panther and imitates this Option's attack pattern.

In Marvel vs. CapcomEdit

Hiryu uses Option B in his Formation A technique, where he commands one robot tiger to rush across the stage, hitting any enemy in its way.

Several Options B and C are also summoned en-masse during Hiryu's Legion Hyper Combo, covering the entire screen as they rush from one end of the screen to another, hitting the enemy several times in the process.

Option B is also seen in some of Hiryu's animations, particularly being used as a transport with Hiryu standing on its back. This seemingly inspired the Panther Run technique in the 2014 Strider.



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