Project X Zone 2
Pxz2 cover art
Japanese Cover Art
Developer: Monolith Soft
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Release Dates: 22px-Flag of Japan.svg November 12, 2015
Flag of Europe.svg February 12, 2016
22px-Flag of the United States.svg February 16, 2016

Project X Zone 2, known as Project X Zone 2: Brave New World (プロジェクト クロスゾーン2:ブレイブニューワールド) in Japan, is a tactical RPG released in 2015/2016 for the Nintendo 3DS. A sequel to 2012's Project X Zone, the game is a massive crossover featuring franchises from Capcom, Bandai Namco and Sega. Story-wise, it also serves as a continuation to the 2005 crossover game Namco × Capcom.

The game is a tactical role-playing game similar to Namco × Capcom. Each chapter is set in a grid-based field map where the player moves their units freely within their range. The playable units are Pair Units formed by two characters fighting together, and Solo Units or single characters that can be added to a Pair Unit and provide a single-use assist attack. Both types have access to several varied skills which can be activated in the field map, and all Pair Units have a MAP Attack they can use to attack several enemies at once.

Once a target is attacked, the player enters the Cross Active Battle System: the game switches to a side-view perspective and the player performs combination attacks by pressing a direction and the attack button. The player can then combo the enemy with the unit's 5 unique attacks and the Solo Unit's assist attack, as well as call for a nearby Pair Unit to perform a Support Attack. When a Pair and Solo attack connect together a Cross Hit happens which freezes the enemy in place, while attacking the enemy just before it hits the ground produces a critical hit.

New gameplay elements in Project X Zone 2 include the Cross Break, a more powerful Cross Hit performed by striking the enemy with specific strong attacks; Mirage Cancel, which places the enemy in slow motion and allows the player to land critical hits; stage hazards and the ability to customize techniques and skills.


The story is a continuation of Namco × Capcom, and focus on the conflict between the secret agency Shinra and the chaos-spreading Ouma organization. The story begins with Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu traveling to Shibuya to investigate a set of mysterious "Golden Chains" that have suddenly appeared, and it soon becomes apparent that Ouma is involved when Saya and Sheath (from Ouma's American branch) make their appearance. As Reiji and Xiaomu, helped by Dr. Chizuru Urashima and her dimension-hopping vehicle the Dragonturtle Mk.1, travel across worlds and meet allies both old and new, it is revealed that Ouma's plan involves the gathering of the fragments of "99", the final boss from Namco × Capcom, and the mysterious "101 Embryo Plan".

Featured franchises include the following:

Strider RepresentationEdit


Sprite Appears in Information
Pxz2 hiryu sprite
Prologue 3, Chapter 4 through 10, 12, 20, 23, 24, 29, 33, 35, 39
Can also be selected in Chapter 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 37, 41 and 42
Voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi, and part of a Pair Unit with Hotsuma from Sega's Shinobi series. As he was pursuing surviving Grandmaster Meio supporter Tong Pooh, he was pulled from the distant future and dropped in present-day Shibuya by a wormhole. He attempts to return to his time, but is instead pulled into another location where he rejoins Reiji, Xiaomu and the other playable characters after seeing Tong Pooh allied with the enemy. His moveset features techniques from both Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Strider 2, and unlike Namco × Capcom he now uses all three Options.
Pxz2 tongpooh sprite
Tong Pooh
Chapter 4, 10, 23, 34, 37 Voiced by Eri Nakao. An enemy unit in the game, Tong Pooh joins forces with Shadaloo and the remains of Sigma's Mavericks, Criminal Supermen and the Fourth Empire's army while seeking a way to ressurect Grandmaster Meio. Her design and attacks are mostly inspired by Strider 2.
Pxz2 solo sprite
Prologue 3, Chapter 7, 14, 23, 37 Voiced by Yuichi Jose. A minor enemy unit in the game, Solo is mostly a support ally for Tong Pooh and Vile Mk-II, while pursuing Hiryu to kill him. He sports his design and weapons from Strider 2.


Pxz2 balrog area center

The chapter's starting area

The Flying Battleship Balrog in its 2nd incarnation is the location visited during Chapter 23. The Flying Battleship is used by M. Bison to mass-produce B.O.W.s from Resident Evil and Aragami from God Eater. When the group discovers this, they use the Dragonturtle Mk-1 to reach it mid-flight in order to destroy it. After dealing with Tong Pooh, Solo, Black Hayato and an army of minor enemies, the party sets explosives and then escape the doomed airship using its catapults (in a nod to the Balrog escape scene from Namco × Capcom) to reach Miyuki's flying shop from Ordyne.

The area used in the game is the exterior of the Balrog's tail, a very faithful recreation of the 2nd Scene in the 4th stage 4 from Strider 2. In addition, the group briefly visits the Development Dock (Scene 4) and Reactor Core (Scene 5) when setting the explosives.


There are three items related to the Strider series:

  • Striders Scarf (ストライダーズのマフラー) - Available in the Item Shop during Chapter 23.
  • Green Chinese Clothes (緑のチャイナ服) - Tong Pooh's exclusive drop item.
  • Scales of the Mysterious Aquatic Lifeform (謎の水棲生物のウロコ) - Available in the Item Shop during Chapter 23, the item is a nod to the Merrow serving as the core of the Balrog. "Mysterious Aquatic Lifeform" is how she's described in concept art.
  • Legendary Chinese Clothes (伝説のチャイナ服, Legendary Chinese Getup in English) - An item dropped by Tong Pooh in Challenge Stage #5. It's an exclusive equipment for Chun-Li, and possibly a nod to the fact Tong Pooh inspired her original design.


The Crosspedia is a special section found in-game with two sections: a tutorial which explains gameplay elements, and an encyclopedia which provides short background information for every playable, solo and enemy unit, as well as important terms and/or organizations from all represented franchises.

The Crosspedia features 4 entries related to the Strider series:

Strider Hiryu
A member of the special organization "Striders", a Special-A Class agent. In addition to high professionalism nothing ever perturbs him, he doesn't show any kind of softness for the sake of accomplishing his mission, and he's also ruthless in eliminating any obstacle. In the past, Hiryu received the mission to eliminate Grandmaster Meio, the sole ruler of Earth who was about to burn all life on its surface to fill it with the new life he has created. Hiryu boarded his residence, the Artificial City "The Third Moon", and completed his mission. His weapon is the "Cypher", a light sword which uses plasma particles to cut through anything. Also, the "Climb Sickle" stored on his back serves as a climbing tool, allowing him to climb through walls when used.
Tong Pooh
An assassin and subordinate of Grandmaster Meio, who was defeated by Hiryu. She has a determined personality, and truly idolizes the Grandmaster. During ordinary times, she hides her identity working as a member of an acrobatics troupe. The kicks created from her light movements produce a plasma whirlwind equivalent to Hiryu's Cypher. Tong Pooh is actually the second of three sisters, together with her older sister Pei Pooh, and younger sister Sai Pooh.
An assassin and subordinate of Grandmaster Meio, who was defeated by Hiryu. With controlled emotions, he kills his enemies with accurate and thorough battle technology as if he were a robot. Besides performing attacks from a distance with the Impact Cannon and Missile Pod held on his hands, he uses the Tail Whip on his head for close combat. In addition, he can also generate wing-shaped energy rings or Halo Wings from his shoulders and fire them at his targets.
An intelligence organization that was created as the descendants of the ninja. A professional group who performs assassinations and sabotage in the shadows of history. An affiliated warrior is called "Strider" and is ranked based on the individual's ability, with Hiryu having attained the highest rank "Special A-Class".

Strider Hiryu
A top class agent and member of the futuristic Special Forces group "Striders". A true professional who lets nothing stand in his way, he shows no weakness and is cold enough to eliminate any obstacle that may stand between him and his mission.

Receiving orders to assassinate Grandmaster Meio, who planned to take over the Earth by killing everything alive on it and replacing them with creatures of his own design, Hiryu arrived alone at Meio's base, an artificial city called "The Third Moon", and carried out his mission.

His primary weapon is a light sword called the Cypher that uses plasma particles and can slice through anything it hits.

Also, the sickle he carries on his back, the "Climb Sickle", doubles as a climbing tool that he uses to scale walls.

Tong Pooh
Assassin and underling of Grandmaster Meio. She has a strong determination to win and profoundly adores the Grandmaster.

A member of an acrobatic group, she normally hides her more colorful abilities from the public. Her agile kicks are able to fire plasma bursts much to the same as Hiryu's Cypher.

Tong Pooh is the middle of a trio of sisters, the eldest sister being Pei Pooh and the youngest being Sai Pooh.

Assassin and underling of Grandmaster Meio. As emotionless as a robot, he obiterates his opponents with precise attacks.

He can carry out long-range attacks with the Impact Cannon attached to his arm or with his missile pods. For close-range attacks, he likes to use the Tail Whip on his head.

He can also use fire energy blasts from the energy ring-like wings affixed to his shouders.


Other Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • Hiryu performs most of his techniques from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in his and Hotsuma's techniques and attacks.
    • "Formation B & Spin Slash" (back) - Hiryu uses Formation B to summon a saucer, follows it with a Light-Mid-Arch Cut combo, jumps back, strikes with an aerial Mid attack and ends wtih Formation B (Shot).
    • "Ame-no-Murakumo & Tate" (forward) - Hiryu starts with a Gram, dashes back, sends a Hawk with Formation A2 and finishes with a strong Ame-no-Murakumo.
    • "Excalibur & Shuriken Blast" (up) - Hiryu begins with a Slide Kick, then warps up and performs an Excalibur angled downwards, follows it with a Backward Somersault (from Strider 2) and ends the attack with a horizontal Excalibur in mid-air.
    • "Vajra & Ninja Dog Yamato" (down) - Hiryu performs his Vs. series tumbling back dash, sends a Panther with Formation A1 and finishes with a Vajra kick.
    • "Legion" (support) - Hiryu enters the screen using Excalibur, warps into mid-air to perform an air Gram and ends with Legion.
    • "Ragnarok" (Special) - Hiryu initiates the attack by activating Ouroboros and shooting energy rings at the target, strikes with a Mid attack, shoots a few more rings and then uses Ame-no-Murakumo to send the target flying. After Hotsuma strikes them several times, Hiryu ends the Special by catching the target and performing the Ultimate version of his Ragnarok Hyper Combo.
  • Hiryu also performs all his moves from Strider 2 in certain attacks:
    • Hiryu and Hotsuma's neutral attack ("Savage Slash") features a combination of techniques from Strider 2: Hiryu opens the attack by performing three fast slashes in the manner of his basic attack animation (one angled up, one straight and one angled down), follows up with a Backward Somersault to cling to the screen's edge, performs a Hassou Jump off the edge and ends the move by doing the Savage Slash in mid-air.
    • Hiryu and Hotsuma's multi-target MAP attack ("It Is The Heart That Kills") features Hiryu using the "Boost" power-up at the beginning, shooting several multi-colored homing plasma waves at all targets in a faithful recreation of the original move.
  • Most of Hiryu's basic Cypher slashes are done with Ultimate's Mid-strength attack, which is a perfectly horizontal slash. This is likely a nod to Hiryu's original attack animation in Strider, which was also perfectly horizontal.
  • Tong Pooh's idle stance during combat is identical to her sprite in Strider 2. Her attack animations are also inspired by attacks from her Strider 2 boss fight.
    • Her single-target attack is the "Plasma Kick", and features her performing several mid-air strikes before leaning down and striking with her signature plasma-enhanced back spin kick. Several of the kick sprites used during the attack are taken as-is from her assist attack in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.
    • Her multi-target attack is the "Triple Plasma Kick" ("Clone Plasma Kick" in English), and features her performing the "Three-Way Kick" attack from Strider 2 (where the last surviving sister kicks at several directions in mid-air, releasing plasma projectiles with each kick) and finishes by calling her two sisters to do three synchronized back spin kicks. Pei and Sai appear in their Strider 2 sprite design.
  • Solo's armor design is taken from Strider 2, and includes details that were removed from the in-game sprite, such as the "Tail Whip" weapon coming from the back of his head. As a minor enemy, however, Solo has no unique attack animation or item.
  • Series references in the dialogue include:
    • Hiryu's line from Stage 00 of Strider 2 where he refers to himself as the hunter and Meio as the prey is referenced two times: one of his lines during "Ragnarok" ("You're the one being hunted") and as part of his unique exchange when paired with Felicia, where he starts the line only to be interrupted by a nervous Felicia, who doesn't like hunters nor being the prey.
    • In Hiryu's post-battle conversation with Segata Sanshiro, the latter asks Hiryu if he's prepared to "make the entire world [his] enemy", a line taken from the prologue text in Strider 2, which states Hiryu is determined to fulfill his mission "even if it puts him against the entire world".
    • In their pre-battle convo with Heihachi, he mentions bringing up an attack helicopter to fight and both Hiryu and Hotsuma agree they are useless. This is a nod to the fact both have destroyed helicopters in their respective games: Hotsuma as the initial boss in Shinobi and Hiryu in the form of the Beluga F in Strider 2.
    • Solo's introduction line in Chapter 7 is the same pre-boss line he speaks in his first boss battle from Strider 2.
    • In Chapter 12, while the characters are wondering how to enter the Ancient Castle in Mallet Island (from Devil May Cry), Hiryu thinks that he could use his Climb Sickle to go over the walls. This is possibly a nod to the introduction area in Fortress Wahnen, where Hiryu climbs a similar castle wall to infiltrate the fortress.
    • In the Epilogue Hiryu mentions that the Striders was once in shambles and he's looking for new members. This is a reference to the backstory in Strider 2, where the organization was almost entirely exterminated.
  • Treasure chests in the Balrog stage are shaped like the Item Boxes from Strider 2.
  • Stage 37 (Tong Pooh and Solo's final appearance) is named "A Flash of Light that Tints Darkness" (闇を彩る光の斬線), the tagline used in the Japanese version of Strider 2. In the English localization the title was changed to "Cypher Punk", a pun on the sci-fi genre "Cyberpunk" (which the Strider series identifies with) and Hiryu's weapon, the Cypher.
  • Game director Soichiro Morizumi stated in an interview he wanted to include Hiryu's Boomerang throw trick from the manga as one of his attacks, but gave up on the idea as he considered it would have been very confusing.[1]



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