This is a list of collectable items that were created and distributed as part of the promotions for release of any game in the Strider series.


There have been produced and sold or gifted as a promotion for every game in the series.

Strider Hiryu 1&2 Limited Edition Poster (ストライダー飛竜1&2 限定ポスター)
A limited edition poster offered by Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation through their "Dengeki Store" shop. This poster was made with high-quality materials, and was thus very expensive.


Strider Hiryu 1&2 Postcard (ストライダー飛竜1&2 ポストカード)
A postcard for the PlayStation version of Strider 2 was given as a purchase bonus for those who bought the game through the Japanese store "Messe Sannoh" (メッセサンオー).

Original Postcards (オリジナルポストカード)
During the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, postcards for the original Strider, Strider 2 and the 2014 Strider were given as a gift for those who tried the PlayStation 3 version of Strider in the Capcom Booth at the convention[1]. A few of the 2014 Strider postcards were later given as gifts to Western fans through Capcom-Unity.[2]

Telephone CardsEdit

A set of telephone cards for the first Strider were produced by Gamest and sold through their publisher Shinseisha. This set includes one telephone card with original art, depicting Hiryu in the Amazon stage.

Strider 2
A set of telephone cards recreating art from Strider 2 were produced by Capcom and given away during the game's 1999 AM Show appearance. The set was later reprinted for the 2005 Tokyo Game Show event and put up for sale in Capcom's online shop.[3]

A telephone card for the PlayStation port was another purchase bonus when bought through the Messe Sannoh store.


Red Scarf
A replica of Hiryu's red scarf marked with the 2014 Strider's logo, this item was a gift for people attending the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, where the game was first announced. Attendees were also encouraged to pose wearing it and holding a real life replica of Hiryu's Cypher sword.

Strider 2 T-shirt
A T-shirt bearing official artwork from Strider 2 was offered through Capcom's online store.

Strider Hiryu Original T-shirt (ストライダー飛竜オリジナルTシャツ)
A set of T-shirts done as part of a collaboration with the brand Mukashi-Mukashi (むかしむかし) were given as a gift for 50 players who have bought the digital version of Strider for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360. The winners were chosen in a lottery, and each console presented a different T-shirt design[4]. Later in April, the three T-shirt models went up for sale in both Mukashi-Mukashi and e-Capcom's online sites for a limited time.[5]

Misc ItemsEdit

Strider Hiryu Shitajiki Gamest Gift (ストライダー 飛竜 下敷き ゲーメスト特典)
A "shitajiki" (lit. "under sheet") is a plastic pencilboard for writing, very commonly used in merchandising and coming with imagery from several sources, ranging from celebrities to anime and manga. Since these often have a single print run, they also become hard-sought collector's item among enthusiasts. A shitajiki for the first Strider was produced by the Japanese magazine Gamest and sold through publisher Shinseisha.[6]

Strider Hiryu Prize Note (ストライダー飛竜 プライスノート)
A notebook handled out as a gift during the first game's AM Show appearance.

Strider Hiryu 2 Badge (ストライダー飛竜2缶バッジ)
Original button badges sold by Capcom at certain event locations. These came in two different designs based off official artwork.


Capcom bar menu

Limited Menu

Capcom Bar Limited Menu

Capcom Bar is a bar/restaurant opened by the company in January 25 2012, and whose main draw are the many drinks and food inspired by series such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, among others[7]. During the lead-up to the release of the PlayStation 3 and 4 versions of Strider, the bar presented a "Limited Menu" inspired by the game, offering 3 drinks and 2 dishes based off Hiryu, Solo, the Cypher; Grandmaster Meio and the Wind Sisters, respectively. The promotion started in February 22 (the release date in Japan) and lasted until March 31.

'Sengoku BASARA 4' x 'Strider Hiryu' "Test Your Skill" Event (『戦国BASARA4』×『ストライダー飛竜』“腕試し”イベント)
A special collaboration event between both games held in January 26 and February 1, 2014 in specific stores. Players who assisted could participate in a timed challenge for each games: defeat 300 enemies in 5 minutes for Sengoku BASARA 4, and obtain an Upgrade power-up within 5 minutes for Strider. Players could play both challenges, and specific "novelty goods" were given as prizes:[8]

  • Praise Tissue Box (称賛ボックスティッシュ) - A yellow tissue box with artwork from both game's female cast at each side. Given to those who completed both game's challenges.
  • Certified Agent Pocket Tissue (エージェント認定証ポケットティッシュ) - A pocket tissue given to those who won either one of the challenges. The envelope was designed to look like a credential for a "Special A-Class agent".
  • Whipped Dog Pocket Tissue (飼い犬ポケットティッシュ) - A pcoket tissue given to those who participated of the event but couldn't complete either challenge. The text in the envelope is Hiryu's response to Tong Pooh's threats in both Strider 2 and the 2014 Strider, calling her a "whipped dog" ("servant of her masters" in English)


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