Search Lantern (サーチランタン)[1] is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2.


Search lantern
Hit Points: N/a
Score: N/a

Appears in Stage 2 (Fortress Wahnen), Scene 5.

The Search Lantern is an unique turret-type gun installed in one of the inner towers in Fortress Wahnen. This weapon has a gold, spherical body attached to the tower's wall by a long, metallic rod. The Search Lantern can move back and forth, as well as rotate its gun vertically while emitting a yellow beam of light. If Hiryu runs into this light the gun will stop in place and shoot three bullets forward, then resume its movement.

There's only one Search Lantern found in Fortress Wahnen, and since it can't be destroyed, its better to just ignore it. Since Hiryu can actually swing up through the metal rod, it can be easily bypassed with no effort.


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