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The Shadowtag Bullets in action.

Shadowtag Bullets (影踏み弾) is an special type of firearm from the Strider Hiryu manga, appearing prominently in Chapter 5. The weapon makes also a cameo appearance as a weapon wielded by a minor enemy in the original coin-op, named the "Shadowtag Bullets Soldier"[1][2].


Called a "personal automatic tracker"[3], the Shadowtag Bullets is a highly advanced type of machine gun issued by Enterprise to be used by their Special Forces. The weapon is said to be a mix of a portable large-caliber firearm with a radar[3]. Employing said advanced radar system, located in special visors worn by the user, it is capable of tracing the target's movements perfectly, allowing for a stark increase of the weapon's accuracy with little effort[3]. The weapon's fire power is likened to anti-aircraft fire, and it's said to have an ample range of effectiveness[3], albeit it was never actually defined.

Soldiers within Enterprise's Los Angeles headquarters wield this weapon, and use them on the constant attacks from insurgents attempting to break into the building. When Hiryu and Kain infiltrate the building, secretary Yuri led himself a group of soldiers armed with these weapons. They are able to corner Hiryu into a wall trap, where Yuri gloats about Hiryu being cornered. Hiryu, however, demonstrates his inhuman speed and agility by avoiding the various blasts aimed at him with inhuman speed, and then proceeded to behead all his attackers.

During the final showdown between Hiryu and Matic, Kain appears to support his friend handling one Shadowtag Bullets himself to shoot down Matic's men[4].


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