The Shield Trooper (シールドトルーパー) is a type of stage enemy found in Strider (2014).

The Shield Troopers are a group of Light Troopers equipped with a massive Reinforced Shield with increased durability[1]. Having been installed with highly aggressive combat protocols[2], the Shield Troopers are much more confrontational than the basic Light Trooper, with a tendency to eagerly advance into close quarters and openly daring their targets into fighting them[2]. They wield a custom machinegun with a bayonet as their main weapon.

The Reinforced Shield they wield is resilient enough to repel normal plasma attacks from the Cypher, but can be easily broken with a concentrated blast of plasma from a Charged Cypher attack.[1]


Reinforced Shield TrooperEdit

StrHD shieldtrooper model

Shield Trooper

The Reinforced Shield Trooper is the initial model, found all throughout Kazakh City. When confronted, they will approach Hiryu to fight him in close quarters while hiding behind their shield. They have three different attacks when up close: they thrust their bayonet gun forward for a quick stab attack; they strike Hiryu with their shields when really close, a hit which sends him flying back; and they shoot at Hiryu from over their shield while taking cover.

The Shield Troopers have the tendency of daring Hiryu into battle by hitting the ground with their shields, clashing their weapons on the shields and taunting him in Russian. Once their shields are destroyed, if they are still alive, they act as simple Light Troopers.


StrHD molot model


Molot (from Russian молот, Hammer), or Explosive/Burst Shield Trooper (バーストシールドトルーパー), is the first variant of Shield Trooper found by Hiryu in the Military Headquarters. They are equipped with a plasma-harnessing Reinforced Shield with a coating of explosive plasma[3]. This shield can't be destroyed by any normal attack, and must be offset by using an attack with the same type of plasma.[3]

Molots act identical to basic Shield Troopers in battle, but they wield an explosive plasma-custom machine gun instead of a normal one, which shoots timed explosives that stick to surfaces and explode in a burst of fiery plasma. Because of this, Hiryu can actually reflect their shots back at them and eventually deactivate their shields without the need of the Explosive Cypher.

Ultra-Cold Shield TrooperEdit

StrHD coldshieldtrooper model

Unnamed Shield Trooper

The Ultra-Cold Shield Trooper (official name unknown) is the unnamed second variant of Shield Trooper found by Hiryu in the Research Facility. Their shields are coated with icy-blue ultra-cold plasma that can only be destroyed by utilizing the Ultra-Cold Cypher.

These soldiers are equipped with Coldguns much like the Uragan models, which shoot bullets of liquid nitrogen that can freeze Hiryu in place for a short time. Unlike the Uragan's model, which lacks means to harm Hiryu, they can attack Hiryu directly with the bayonets attached to their Coldguns.


StrHD peirazmoz model


Peirazmoz, or Magnetic Shield Trooper (マグネティックシールドトルーパー), is the third and final variant of Shield Trooper found by Hiryu in the Buried Temple. Much like the others, they harness a shield with a coating of magnetic plasma, which only reacts to an attack of the same type of plasma.

Unlike the other models, Peirazmoz carry a normal machinegun with no elemental affinity and thus fight like normal Shield Troopers, only with a purple plasma shield that can only be destroyed by the Magnetic Cypher.


  • The Shield Troopers are probably based on Badger, an enemy character from the NES Strider who uses a large shield as a means of defense.
  • In the Character Intel bios where all other Trooper-type enemies have a Russian name, the Reinforced Shield Trooper has "Kazakh City" instead. This is possibly a mistake from the developers, as this makes it the only Trooper with no corresponding Russian-based name and naming it "Kazakh City" doesn't seem to make any sense.


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