Skewer Cannon (串刺し砲) is a boss character from Strider 2, serving as the first mid-boss enemy in the 2nd stage, Fortress Wahnen.


Skewer Cannon
Score: 5000 PTS

The Skewer Cannon is a giant turret installed atop a pillar at the end of Fortress Wahnen's exterior outline. The weapon is a common metallic cannon with red and gold linings, plus four long spikes coming from one of its side. Hiryu first observes it from atop a rooftop before descending and destroying it.

The Skewer Cannon can move its turret up and down to aim directly at Hiryu, shooting a fiery blast at him. Besides being supported by small flying enemies constantly dropping bombs on Hiryu, it has no other means of attack. It is also harmless to direct contact in spite of its spikes and name, so Hiryu can actually stand next to it and slash away unopposed.


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