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Spider Form, also known as the Shi Jia Ji (獅甲機 shī jiǎ jī, lit. Lion Shell Machine) is a boss character from Strider 2, appearing as continuous mid-boss fights in the first stage's second scene.

A machine used by the Chinese Mafia, the Spider Form is a guard robot created for urban areas[1]. A mysterious being, the Spider Form can separate and reassemble itself into three distinct forms, making it capable of adapting to different types of geographical features. Each time it disarms itself, the Spider Form gains more strength.[1]

Hiryu runs into this machine during his battle against the Chinese Mafia in the upper area of Neo Hong Kong City's lower strats, and destroys all three forms in battle.


Spider Form 1Edit

Spider form first
Hit Points: 4 HP
Score: 3000 PTS

The first and weakest form of the machine, it appears as a three-legged machine with a golden "lion head" accompanied by metallic extensions at each side. This form is extremelly weak and simple, its only attack being two missiles it shoots at Hiryu. This attack can be aimed, but is slow and easy to either dodge or destroy mid-flight. Damaging it enough makes it fly away into the next section.

Unlike the following two forms, this one is not a boss battle and can be ignored. Walking past it will makes the Spider Form to simply fly away as if it were defeated, just without any visible sign of damage.

Spider Form 2Edit

Spider form second
Score: 8000 PTS

The second form takes on a rather bizarre look, wtih the head and body split into two "limbs" hanging at each side, and the metallic extensions meeting in its center. This form slowly floats in the spacious lift area, attacking Hiryu from high above. It has two attack methods: it either shoots machine-gun fire from its two extremes at an angle, or releases a large electric beam from its center aimed at Hiryu.

Hitting this form is difficult as it remains high in the air, requiring one to step into the large lift platform found in the area in order to reach it. Once it is destroyed, the form descends in flames until it explodes.

Spider Form 3Edit

Spider form third
Score: 5000 PTS

The final form of the machine. The gold head appears in the center of a spider-like body, with four long spider legs coming from behind it. After the end of Form 2, it crawls down from the exit shuttle at the end of the area, accompanied by an army of Goblins. It only moves very slowly up or down within the shuttle, and only attacks by slowly aiming four missiles at Hiryu's general direction.

Despite being the strongest of the three forms, its limited mobility, lack of attacks and the fact it's unable to hit Hiryu if he's right above it makes for one of the easiest enemies in the game.


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