Strider Digital Soundtrack
NewStrider prelimart
Artist(s): Michael John Mollo
Released: 22px-Flag of the United States.svg February 19, 2014
Length: 45:59
Producer: Capcom

Strider Digital Soundtrack is the official soundtrack release for the 2014 Strider. The soundtrack was distributed digitally as a bonus for pre-ordering the game from a number of PC distributors like Gamefly and Green Man Gaming, together with an exclusive artwork bundle in pdf format[1]. The soundtrack was also made available in the Strider Hiryu Sound Chronicle compilation, released as part of the Strider Hiryu Special-A Class Limited Edition.

The soundtrack includes seven remixed tracks from previous games: "Raid", "Coup", "Siberian Tunnel" and "Mass Cloud" from the original Arcade game, the "Kazakh Theme" and "Egypt" stage themes from the NES Strider (making it the first time the NES Strider music was reutilized); and "The Armed Fortress", a remix of the stage 2 theme from Strider 2.


Track n° Name Length
01 Raid 2:03
02 Kazakh City 3:12
03 Coup 2:14
04 The Mechanical Dragon 1:57
05 Transit 1:58
06 Mass Cloud 1:42
07 The Four Winds 2:31
08 Cybernetics 2:43
09 Military 2:59
10 The Armed Fortress 2:22
11 Techno Mage 2:23
12 Egypt 2:05
13 Research 2:23
14 Siberian Tunnel 1:56
15 Underground 2:07
16 The Black Market 2:09
17 Balrog 2:15
18 Kazakh Theme 2:26
19 The Moon Tower 2:19
20 Grandmaster Meio 2:15


The theme "Kazakh City" contains lyrics spoken in Russian, made to represent the citizens' miserable existence while under Grandmaster Meio's opression. The lyrics were written by Mollo and translated into Russian by Victor Chaga, then recorded in the form of a chanting choir[2]. Mollo actually wanted to write the lyrics in traditional Kazakh, but couldn't find a translator in time.

Here are the Russian text and its translation, both provided by Michael John Mollo himself.

Потерянный город, Мертвый город
Наша Отчизна удушена сталью
Наши товарищи прячась в подполье
ползают по трубам как мерзлые крысы

Синее небо затянуто пеплом
Страх одолел и счастье, и радость
Здесь затихли детские песни
Слышен лишь только скрежет металла

О великий Маeо, будь добр
Всемогущий Маeо будь справедлив
Мы все, твои подчиненные
И даже посмертно тебе будем служить

Lost city, dead city
Our homeland choked with metal
Driven underground our people
Scurrying like rats in the sewer

No more sky, only ash
No more joy, only fear
No more the songs of children
Only the sound of iron and blood

Grand master "Maeo" be kind
Supreme leader "Maeo" be fair
We are but the people you control
And even in death we serve you


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