Strider Hiryu Perfect Attack
Strider hiryu perfect attack
N° of pages 27
Publication date 22px-Flag of Japan.svg November 15, 1990[1]
Published by Tokuma Shoten

Strider Hiryu Perfect Attack (ストライダー飛竜 Perfect Attack) is a strategy guide based on the Mega Drive/Genesis port of Strider, published in 1990 by Tokuma Shoten as a bonus annexed to the 11th issue of their videogame magazine Mega Drive Fan (メガドライブFAN).


Strider Hiryu Perfect Attack provides a complete guide for each of the game's five levels, including a setting/story introduction, two-page spread full maps with each area explained in detail in separate text boxes with accompanied screenshots, and several different strategies and gameplay tips for specific areas and situations.



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