Strider Hiryu Sound Chronicle
Strider hiryu sound chronicle
Artist(s): Junko Tamiya
Setsuo Yamamoto, Etsuko Yoneda
Michael John Mollo
Released: 22px-Flag of Japan.svg February 22, 2014
Length: 31:08 (Disc 1), 51:12 (Disc 2)
46:10 (Disc 3)
Producer: Capcom
Catalog Number: CAPE-1402SH-1/2/3

Strider Hiryu Sound Chronicle (ストライダー飛竜 Sound Chronicle -サウンド クロニクル-) is a soundtrack compilation of the Strider series, a 3-CD set compiling the entire soundtrack from the Arcade Strider, Strider 2 and Strider (2014). It was released at the same time as the 2014 game in February, as part of the Strider Hiryu Special-A Class Limited Edition package, alongside other goods.

It comes with an 8-page booklet with commentary and a brief interview with the 2014 Strider's producer, Andrew Szymanski.


Disc 1Edit

Disc 1 includes the entire soundtrack from the original Arcade Strider. It's a brand-new compilation, taken from the fixed sound board of an Arcade revision known as the "Resale Version" (再販版). It includes a few tracks that had never been part of previous soundtracks, such as Grandmaster Meio's speech from the final stage and an unused extra Amazon introduction fanfare. It also corrects the inverted stage numbering that called the Balrog stage medley "Stage 4" and the Amazon stage medley "Stage 3".

The disc also includes an extra bonus track with themes from the game's Sharp X68000 port that were touched-up from the originals.

Track Length
Stage 1 6:45
Story Voice 1
防衛圏[ライン] (1Stage Demo) Defense Line
踏み込め! Raid!
一撃 (中敵) Strike (mid-boss) [Coup]
非情の大伽藍 (1Stage BGM 2) Heartless Grand Cathedral
[Mosque, the Cold-Hearted]
野獣 (1Stage BGM 3) Beast [Beasts!]
銃弾回廊 (1Stage BGM 4) Bullet Corridor
ウロボロス -鉄の統治- (大敵) Ouroboros -Iron Ruler- (Boss)
[Urobolos, the Iron Ruler]
Stage 2 5:21
Story Voice 2
2Stage Demo
シベリア坑道 (大敵 -コング-) Siberian Tunnel (Boss -Kong-)
動輪 (2Stage BGM 1) Driving Wheel
大走破 (2Stage BGM 2) Big Run
雲塊 (2Stage BGM 3) Mass of Clouds
風陣 (大敵 -空-) Wind Formation (Boss -Sky-) [Fu-jin]
Stage 3 4:27
Story Voice 3
ショート・スピン (3Stage BGM 1) Short Spin
逆転マイナーG (3Stage BGM 2) Reverse Minor G [Gravity Unusual]
奪取! (大敵) Capture! (Boss)
Stage 4 4:34
Story Voice 4
4Stage Demo
ひびき (4Stage Start 1) Echo [War Drum]
包囲 (4Stage Start 2) Encirclement
谷と河 (4Stage BGM 1) Valleys and Rivers
吠える (4Stage BGM 2) Roaring
アフリカの魔王 (大敵) Africa's Demon (Boss) [African Formidable]
Stage 5 4:35
Story Voice 5
5Stage Demo
飛竜 (5Stage BGM 1) Hiryu
逆襲の速力[テーマ] (5Stage BGM 2) Theme of Counterattack
Story Voice 6
冥王[グランドマスター] (大敵) Grandmaster (Boss)
ENDING - RANKING - Game Over - CONTINUE - 未公開曲 1:17
最終クリア Final Clear
Game Over
4Stage Start 3 (未公開曲) (Unlisted Song)
BONUS TRACK (X68000 Ver.) 4:09
3Stage Demo (X68000)
4Stage Demo (X68000)
5Stage Demo (X68000)
5Stage BGM 1(X68000)
最終クリア (X68000) Final Clear
さらに... (Ending) (X68000) After All...
Ranking (X68000)
Time Over(X68000)

Disc 2Edit

Disc 2 contains the entire soundtrack of Strider 2. It's mostly a reprint of Disc 1 from the Strider Hiryu 2 Original Soundtrack, albeit apparently missing track #28, the Voice Collection, for unknown reasons.

For the track listing, check the page for the original soundtrack release.

Disc 3Edit

Main article: Strider Digital Soundtrack

Disc 3 includes the soundtrack for the 2014 Strider, as composed by Michael John Mollo. This soundtrack alone was also released as a digital soundtrack bundled as a preorder bonus with the PC/Steam version of the game.

Seven tracks are remixes of themes from previous games: "Raid", "Coup", "Siberian Tunnel" and "Mass Cloud" from Strider, "Kazakh Theme" and "Egypt" from the NES Strider and "The Armed Fortress" from Strider 2.

Track n° Name Length
01 Raid 2:03
02 Kazakh City 3:13
03 Coup 2:15
04 The Mechanical Dragon 1:58
05 Transit 1:59
06 Mass Cloud 1:43
07 The Four Winds 2:32
08 Cybernetics 2:44
09 Military 2:59
10 The Armed Fortress 2:23
11 Techno Mage 2:24
12 Egypt 2:06
13 Research 2:24
14 Siberian Tunnel 1:57
15 Underground 2:08
16 The Black Market 2:10
17 Balrog 2:16
18 Kazakh Theme 2:26
19 The Moon Tower 2:20
20 Grandmaster Meio 2:16


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