Strider Hiryu in Sonic 1
Strider Hiryu in Sonic 1 (v0.01)



Release Date

12 December, 2007


Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis

Version N°


Strider Hiryu in Sonic 1 is a Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hack made by Sonic Retro member ICEknight. It was released as a download in 2007. It replaces the main character of the game with Hiryu.


Copied from the txt file:

  • Strider Hiryu graphics and animations replacing all of Sonic's (no custom art had to be made).
  • Intro, levels, bosses, invincibility and ending music has been changed. You might want to go directly to the sound test and try to figure out the games those tracks came from (Spring Yard and Ending are just two random, sligthly modified, chiptunes).
  • Intro screen runs for a bit longer so it doesn't interrupt the music.


Copied from the txt file:

  • Some of the main character's tiles look like they're been taken from the wrong VRAM address. No idea of how to fix this.
  • I had some problems when trying to rotate the sprites 90º in SonMapEd, which caused those frames to look like garbage (not in SonMapEd, though), so you'll just see a garbled mess running over certain slopes.
  • The top of the background/foreground messes up whenever Sonic dies or there's a fade in/out, for some unknown reason.
  • Score from inside the enemies, etc, comes out garbled.
  • SEGA Sound is messed up.


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