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  • Strider Kage

    Something I've run into and felt was well worth mentioning here. Swedish composer Hyde209 recently released Strider: Fall of the Grandmaster Remastered, an Indie remix album of the original Arcade Strider. The album covers the entire original OST as well as an original prologue track and "story segme…

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  • Strider Kage

    Today was the official announcement of Project X Zone 2: Brave New World, sequel to the 2012 Namco-Bandai/Capcom/Sega crossover, Project X Zone (which, story-wise, was a direct follow-up to 2005's Namco x Capcom). And Hiryu is among the cast confirmed in its official trailer, sporting its most iconic a…

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  • Strider Kage

    As reported by the PlayStationLifeStyle site, PlayStation's Japanese site revealed a list of the 20 most downloaded games from their PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita online stores, gathering data from the whole year, from January 1 to December 15.

    The PlayStation 4 version of Strider…

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  • Strider Kage

    As blogged by Capcom-Unity's GregaMan, video game music site has named the 2014 Strider's soundtrack the best soundtrack of 2014.

    You can read the write-up here. Congratulations to the game's composer, Michael John Mollo, for this recognition!

    Thanks to Strider Ichiban from the Strider Cit…

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  • Strider Kage

    As announced by Capcom-Unity's GregaMan and reported by Siliconera, the PlayStation port of Strider 2 (with the bundled port of the origial Strider included, as well) will finally become available for purchase on the PlayStation Network Store for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PSVita this October 7th!!


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Strider, known as Strider Hiryu in Japan, is a platformer side-scroller released by Capcom in 1989 for their CPS-1 arcade board. The game stars Hiryu, a member of a clandestine mercenary group known as the Striders. In the game, Hiryu is tasked with the mission to stop the evil plans of the mysterious Grandmaster Meio, who has conquered the world through force. Hiryu will need to cross through five locations, facing the Grandmaster's allies, including bounty-hunter Solo and the Kuniang trio in order to reach Meio's lair, the Third Moon...(More)

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